Friday, October 3, 2008

Superlatives and Statistics

1302 miles, 65550 feet of climbing, lots of road kill
29 elapsed days; 4 full days off (1 because of mechanical failure); 4 planned half days of riding
2 broken spokes, 2 flat tires - all on Arn's rear wheel

Favorite Places to Stay Open to the Public
TuTuTun Lodge Gold Beach
Overleaf Lodge Yachats
Glen Oaks Big Sur

Best Breakfasts
Craftsman B&B Pacific City
DeHaven Valley B&B Westport
Poppa Joe's Ferndale

Best Lunches
Mo's Chowder Oregon Coast
JD Bones San Luis Obispo
??? Restaurant in Elk CA

Best Dinners Available to the Public
Perbacco San Francisco
Ivanhoe Ferndale
Yachats River House Yachats

3 People We'll Never Forget
- David from DeHaven Valley Inn who shuttled us when we had a mechanical problem
- Stud-ette on Single Speed with flat pedals and one brake
- Crazy Lady at Subway in Garberville who makes sandwiches at a rate of 1 every 10 minutes with lots of sass

3 Towns Never to Visit Again

Favorite Stretches of Road
Big Sur, CA to Cambria, CA
Westport, CA to Gualala, CA
Avenue of the Giants CA
Prairie Creek Redwoods CA
Otter Crest Loop Road OR
Slab Creek Road OR

Worst Stretches of Road
- Highway 30 from Westport OR to Astoria, OR
- Highway 101 from top of hill after Crescent City, CA to beach before Klamath, CA
- Highway 101 from Gold Beach, OR to Brookings, OR (death by 1000 logging trucks)

3 Discoveries to Pack on a Tour
Fiberfix Emergency Spoke Repair Kit
Topeak Road Morph Pump w/Gauge
Shower caps and rubberbands to protect bike seat from dew

Best Pass of the Entire Tour
Truck Driver pulling half a house, crossing a bridge and stopping traffic so we could ride across.

Things We Learned
- Significantly more than 50% of all people are below average drivers
- Stop and smell the "roses" of the coast - skunks, logging mills, strawberries, ocean, power plant, fog, brake pads, and wild fennel
- We need different brakes - especially the front - on our bikes
- When you are cycle touring, logging miles to log miles to log miles really sucks. We need eye candy and little traffic to really enjoy the trip.

Best Towns to See Kitties
- Gorda, CA (a crummy little nothing town but lots of "shop" kitties in "town")
- Centralia, WA
- Davenport, CA


Oscar Meier said...

Thanks for the Best Breakfast Vote!

I'm sure Slab Creek Road would have rated higher if it wasn't uphill. Congrats on making SLO. Hope to see you again.


Robyn said...

Congrats Arn and Deborah! I enjoyed following your journey!